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Bowing Walls and Foundation Wall Anchors

Poor drainage and shifting soils around the exterior of your property can result in the foundation walls leaning or bowing inward. Wall anchors allow your foundation to continue its primary function of supporting the home. Wall Anchors consist of an exterior earth anchor, an interior wall plate and a steel rod that connects the two. Wall anchors counter the pressure exerted against your foundation wall and can stop the bowing.

How Wall Anchors Are Installed

MFR excavates a small area outside of your building where the brace is to be installed, an earth anchor is placed in the excavation hole. MFR then drills through the foundation wall from the inside of your foundation and a steel rod is connected to the outside earth anchor. A Wall Plate is then installed against your inside foundation wall. The inside plate is then tightened and can be retightened over time to provide support and straightening for your foundation wall.

Once the installation is complete, MFR fills-in the exterior soil and replaces grass or landscaping, causing minimal disruption and saving you the replacement of the foundation. Foundation wall anchors are cost-effective and the installation is usually one day.

If MFR finds foundation settlement is the issue then foundation piering is used.

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