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Signs of Foundation Failure

Let MFR foundation and waterproofing specialists of Fort Scott, Kansas help you stop foundation issues before they cause your property serious damage and decrease your property value. Whether it’s a small crack repair, or major structural issues, every effort is made for minimal disturbance to the property, lawn, landscaping and home/business owners and their families or patrons. MFR works hard to finish each project on time and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

The ground under your home can change. When your foundation moves, sinks or settles it’s because there has been a change in the bearing strata soil beneath the footings of the foundation. Cracking, sagging or leaking walls, sticking windows or doors that don’t close correctly are just some of the tell-tale signs.

Does your home or business have one or more of these unsightly signs of foundation failure?

  • Horizontal or vertical cracks in the walls
  • Inward/outward leaning walls
  • Settling walls
  • Bowing or bulging walls
  • Leaking walls
  • Cracks in your basement walls
  • Water coming up through basement floor
  • Damp crawl space
  • Basement floor buckling and heaving
  • Block/stone walls buckling and separating
  • Cracks in sheet rock or plaster
  • Door jambs and trim out of square, doors and windows not closing
  • Hardwood floors buckling and rolling
  • Chimneys leaning or tilting
  • Improper grade and terrain management
  • Driveway, garage floors, sidewalks and stoops have settled

Don’t delay! Call or use the MFR contact page to arrange a free consultation and estimate. MFR has the foundation repair skills and experience to tackle the toughest foundation settlement issues. All work and materials are 100% guaranteed. Trust MFR for the least evasive and most convenient foundation repair services within a 100 mile radius of Fort Scott, Kansas.

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