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Foundation & Basement Waterproofing in Fort Scott, Kansas

MFR Foundation Specialists can help you with waterproofing issues before they cause your property further damage.

Do you have any of these issues in your basement or foundation ?

  • Wet or leaky basements and crawl spaces
  • Basement water
  • Ground Water
  • Moisture problems
  • Water Vapor

Many people think that applying more “black tar” to the exterior foundation walls or installing a sump pump in the window wells will waterproof their homes but these solutions are far from permanent. We guarantee you a dry basement all the time.

Trust MFR Foundation Specialists for your basement solutions. We can solve your most difficult basement water and moisture problems.

Waterproofing a Cracked Foundation

A wet or leaking basement happens when water is entering your foundation through a crack. There are a few things to consider before performing the repair. First, your foundation is 8 inches thick which means this repair has to go beyond the concrete surface. Second, the crack happened due to settling so the material used must hold up to additional settling or the crack will be re-opened and you’ll have water in your basement again.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps can be life savers when your home is built on a high water table. But a sump pump can only manage the water that reaches it, so ensuring a permanent water management system or a French drain are needed in combination with a sump pump. MFR Foundation Specialists sump pump installations will ensure water management to the pump as well as directing the pumped water away from your foundation for permanent waterproofing.

Encapsulation Membrane

Looking to waterproof a large area made out of semi-permeable material such as a shelf basement or cinder block foundation? We offer solutions to encapsulate foundation walls and flooring to add more usable space to your shelf basement, crawlspace, or leaking basement. This anti-microbial waterproofing material is anchored to your foundation and can be combined with additional waterproofing solutions to achieve a permanent dry, usable space.

MFR Foundation Specialists, Fort Scott, Kansas help our customers improve the quality of their home or business every day. When you choose MFR, you’re choosing the MFR commitment to quality and customer service. MFR Foundation Specialists take pride in creating a safe environment and a comfortable living space for you. Contact MFR Foundation Specialists of Fort Scott, Kansas today for your solution in correcting the environment in your basement.

Your MFR Foundation Specialist can explain these foundation issues and more. Call your nearest MFR in Fort Scott, Kansas (620) 224-8310

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